How to repair small leaks in a fiberglass Jaccuzzi hot tub?

fiberglass tub repair:

fiberglass tub repair

Question by whoever2: How to repair small leaks in a fiberglass Jaccuzzi hot tub?
The shell of my “older” (pre-1995) Jaccuzzi hot tub has several small areas that have developed leaks. Basically, the shell has just “worn through.” I’m pretty certain the tub’s made of fiberglass. How do I repair these leaking spots? ….. and have them water tight again of course?! THANKS!

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Answer by FredHH
Sand the places that need repair. You have to do this so the patch will stick.

Get a “Bondo” automotive fiberglass repair kit and use that to patch the holes.

The patches will need to be finished by sanding and filling with a mix of the fibreglass resin and “microballoons… or “Bondo Ultimate” to get a smooth surface.

The patches will be visible… unless you go through with completely refinishing the interior of the hot tub. But at least they’ll quit leaking.

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fiberglass tub repair

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  • T-Jem:

    Hey, I have the same problem. My hubby tried several methods and the one that worked the best was the silicon gel. It comes in a tube and you can get it in either clear or colored. We used clear. You need to wash the tub and dry it completly. Then take some alcohol and clean the area really well allowing it to dry. Finally spred on the silicone in a thin layer. It will dry in a few hours but you should wait a full 24 hours before putting water in it.

    As a personal note you might want to make sure your windows are open. The stuff smells like vinegar and it really needs to be aired out.

  • CrimeLab:

    Lowes, Home Depot and Rec Warehouse or any place that sells pools will have a Jaccuzzi fiberglass repair kit. It will also work on the bath tub. Check the plumbing isle.