fiberglass tub repair and Hot tub fiberglass repair?

fiberglass tub repair:

fiberglass tub repair

Question by just me: Hot tub fiberglass repair?
Our older hot tub has got a small crack in the fiberglass and a liquid like rust is leaking through. some hottub people have called it cobolting!! (sp) but they are not very helpfull at giving us the information to repair it ourselves…

We Tried sanding it and filling it with a resin but it is still ‘weeping’ brownish fluid.

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Answer by rockntaz
fiberglass is a tricking thing to repair without having the right knowledge of the subject… goes on in layers and not just one……i would highly suggest calling someone to professionally fix it that way it doesnt last 6 mths to a yr then do it again….

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fiberglass tub repair

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